The Presidential Council promises elections will be held on time, and the HoR is in the process of announcing the Parliamentary Elections Law.

The election train continues to run on the tracks despite all the obstacles. After the House of Representatives issued the law to elect the president and handed it over to the High Electoral Commission to begin implementation procedures; A source from the House of Representatives revealed that the parliamentary elections law will be ready within a week, and in the same context, the President of the Presidential Council promised to hand over power on December 24, no matter what happens, stressing the need to hold the elections on their scheduled date, December 24

The President of the Presidential Council, Mohamed Al-Manifi, confirmed in a statement to Reuters during his participation in the work of the United Nations General Assembly in New York; The council’s goal is to hold elections and hand over power on December 24, no matter what happens.

Al-Manifi added during his meeting that they will not interfere in the course of the elections unless other bodies, “the House of Representatives, the Supreme Council of the State, the United Nations and its Dialogue Forum” are unable to agree on the legal framework.

Next Week

On the other hand, a member of the House of Representatives and a member of the committee charged with preparing the Parliamentary Elections Law, Abdul Salam Nassia, said that the parliament election law will be issued next week, calling on the High Elections Commission to start the procedures for activating the president’s election law, stressing that there is no alternative to the presidential and parliamentary elections on time “December 24.” According to his Twitter account,

Finish all Bodies

In a related context, a member of the Political Dialogue Forum, Al-Zahraa Lanqi, considered the National Unity Government as party of the conflict, like the Parliament and the State Council, noting that there is an urgent need to end all these bodies through the general elections on time, according to the roadmap of the Political Dialogue Forum, according to her Facebook page.

Committee of 13

On the 24th of this September, the Presidency of the House of Representatives assigned a committee of 13 deputies to prepare a proposed law for the upcoming parliamentary elections, calling on all members of the House to submit proposals to them, following the issuance of the Presidential Elections Law on the 9th of September defining its terms of reference, tasks and conditions for candidacy for this position. In more than 70 articles, without consulting the State Council, the Supreme Council of State approved on the 20th of this September the draft presidential and legislative elections bills, and a draft constitutional base, where agreement with the House of Representatives regarding election laws is still required.

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