“Hosni Bey”: Dbaiba’s speech reminded me of the 2010 speech, and savings banks need loan guarantees.

Businessman Hosni Bey said that the speech of PM Dbaiba about loans and apartments, the same speech that I heard from the previous regime in 2010, resulted in the attack and the indiscriminate seizure of housing projects in all parts of Libya.

And “Bey” added, during his statement to the economic newspaper Sada, that he had hoped that Dbaiba would talk about addressing the stifling and existing economic crisis, stagflation, and unifying the central bank despite the meetings held for that.

The businessman explained that the Savings and Real Estate Finance Bank and banks in general need guarantees for lending, and that the bank needs at least 7.5 billion dinars, noting that the Savings and Real Estate Finance Bank has little money to lend, which represents approximately 10%.

Hosni Bey continued: Dbaiba is familiar with how to document property ownership and is aware that the real estate registry has been closed for 11 years. Banks, including the Savings and Real Estate Finance Bank, need a title deed to grant loans, and he did not talk about urban plans and did not talk about the infrastructure of 50,000 plots of land Which he promised to give to young people in all parts of Libya.

The businessman saw that there are 2 million Libyans who believe that they are all targeted by Dbaiba’s promises, but the invitation was for only 150,000, like the 40,000 allocated for marriage by them, wondering about the fate of the others.

The businessman stated that Dbaiba is supposed to announce the opening of the real estate registry to document properties, “including the 50 thousand plots of land + 100 thousand apartments” and the spinning of the wheel of the economy, and to present model schemes that each municipality adopts as needed.

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