Africa Intelligence: Moscow and Washington clash over Williams’ successor.

The French intelligence website, Africa Intelligence, revealed a dispute between Moscow and the United States over the handling of the Libya file by the Special Adviser to the Secretary-General of the UN, Stephanie Williams.

The site indicated that Moscow is working behind the scenes to exclude Williams and appoint a new special envoy and head of the mission, while Paris has reservations over her continuation, while Washington and London want her to remain in its position.

The site said that many names are being circulated to replace Williams, and at the top of the list is the former German ambassador to Libya, Christian Bock, noting that his suggestion aims to reach a consensus to save the United Nations mission in Libya.

The website added that the talks mentioned the name of the current Dutch representative of the United Nations in Iraq, “Jenine Plasschaert”, to assume the position in Libya, and the African Union is pressing for the nomination of the former Ghanaian Foreign Minister, “Jana Tetteh.”

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