Almishri: Hifter has no place in any future political process.

Head of the Supreme Council of State Khalid Almishri stressed the need to exclude Khalifa Hifter from any future political dialogue.

Almishri said, in a statement to Al-Jazeera, that the GNA is not pinning great hopes on the Berlin conference and the international community to solve the crisis in Libya.

Almishri added that the international community only want oil and fighting terrorism from Libya, stressing that the GNA is counting on its youth, its forces, and its allies to achieve victory.

It is worth noting that the foreign ministers of European countries will visit Tripoli in early January to discuss the cease-fire and return to the political process , a visit that comes after the GNA activated the military side of the memorandum of understanding with Turkey.

Ethiopia: We want to enhance cooperation and contribute to the stability of Libya.

Workers union at the Azawia oil complex demand the prosecution of those responsible for its bombing.