Adoption of the Charter of Peaceful Coexistence between the components of Southern Libya

On Saturday, South Libyan community leaders and tribesmen, as well as the members of the southern municipal councils, political activists, local mediators and civil society organizations adopted the Peaceful Coexistence Charter in Fezzan, for a reconciliation pact under the auspices of the United Nations Mission in Libya.

At the three-day forum in Tunis, the participants agreed on a set of principles and mechanisms for local and national reconciliation, per the official UN Mission in Libya.

The participants stressed the central position of the city of Fezan in the Libyan political and social scene, hoping that the Fezan region becomes a symbol of reconciliation in the future.”
The participants pointed out that efforts to end tribal wars in Fezzan over the past six years had failed to build a solid peace treaty, the mission said.

According to the mission, the Southern Reconciliation Forum provided a forum for various social components in the South to discuss the major challenges to the peace in the region and contributed to the launch of a comprehensive dialogue leading to a charter of reconciliation among the key stakeholders in the region.

Representatives of the Awlad Sulaiman and Tabu tribes signed a reconciliation pact last October in the capital of Rome in Italy, which acquired a peaceful coexistence between them in the southern region.

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