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US President Donald Trump: We support the GNA, and the Libyans in the pursuit of political reconciliation.

On Sunday, US President Donald Trump congratulated President Fayez al-Sarraj on the anniversary of Libya’s independence and his continued support for the GNA and for Libyans seeking national reconciliation.

Trump explained that the political agreement is the only viable framework for solving the Libyan crisis in the transitional period, indicating that this process would prevent ISIS and the terrorists from having a sanctuary in Libya.

The American president stressed that his country stands with the Libyan people to get rid of the “legacy of four decades of dictatorship”, and the establishment of institutions and the strengthening of stability throughout the country, pointing to US commitment to support and provide security to the Libyan people and address economic and humanitarian challenges.

December 24, marks the anniversary of the independence of Libya, which was won in 1951 with the assistance of the UN.

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