Local Council of Tawergha denies that protesters stormed the Presidential Council’s headquarters in Tripoli

The head of the local council of Tawergha, Abdul Rahman Shakshak, denied that protesters from Tawergha stormed the Presidential Council’s headquarters in Tripoli.

Shakshak said that the demonstration today is purely civil, organized by the people and civil society organizations in Tawergha to demand their right to return to their homes after years of living inside camps, following useless promises given to them.

Shakshak added that the protestors directly communicated with the President of the Presidential Council; adding that the Council allowed them into the headquarters to listen to their demands, denying any forceful intrusion.

Shakshak said that the people of Tawergha are living in terrible conditions inside the camps, especially in light of the volatile weather conditions and the lack of resources inside the camps, pointing out to the arrival of humanitarian assistance from several municipalities, local and international organizations.

Shakakak appealed to the Presidential Council, the people of Misrata, and all parties concerned to complete the reconciliation agreement signed between Tawergha and Misrata.

The protesters of Tawergha staged a protest on Thursday in front of the headquarters of the Presidential Council condemning the living conditions in the camps and demanding their right to return to their homes.

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