Libyan navy denies receiving any financial support from EU countries following Swiss statement

On Wednesday, a spokesman for the Swiss Federal Department of Justice and Police, Emmanuel Jacquet, said Wednesday that Switzerland has provided $ 1 million since last year to finance and support the IOM program to strengthen the Libyan Coast Guard capabilities.

Jacque said that Switzerland had made it a priority to protect migrants in Libya at the meeting of the “Contact Group on Migration through the Mediterranean” held in Bern, Switzerland, last November, and agreed to develop measures to improve the conditions of migrants’ accommodation in Libyan shelters. .

The Swiss branch of Amnesty International stressed that the Swiss authorities should ensure that their technical and financial cooperation with the Libyan authorities does not contribute to the violation of the rights of migrants, according to the Swissinfo.

Amnesty International has accused EU countries of complicity and involvement with the Libyan authorities in committing violations against migrants in Libya.

In response to the Statement issued by Switzerland, Libyan Navy spokesman, Ayoub kassem, denied that the Coast Guard had received any financial support from EU countries, pointing out that the support was limited to joint training between the Agency and Operation Sophia.

However, it should be noted that Switzerland is not an EU or EEA country.

In a statement issued to Arraed on Thursday, Kassem called on Amnesty International to provide evidence of charges against the Coast Guard regarding intercepting boats carrying illegal immigrants at sea.

Kassem said that the accusations were a pretext for international intervention in Libya, adding that Amnesty International was trying to prepare public opinion to rally support for an intervention.

Kassem stated that the Coast Guard forces saved about 16 thousand immigrants during the current year, despite the limited resources available to them. He also renewed his demand for the Government of National Accord and the Foreign Ministry to file a lawsuit against Amnesty International, and to change its officials.

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