The Supreme Council of the State welcomes the implementation of all articles of the political agreement with no exceptions

The Supreme Council of the State welcomed the implementation of all the articles of the Libyan political agreement without exception, especially the articles relating to the structure and organization of the HOR.

On Tuesday the Supreme Council held a meeting at its headquarters in Tripoli, and confirmed its keenness to deal with the HOR as an institution through the legal mechanisms stipulated in the Libyan political agreement and its subsidiaries.

The Supreme Council renewed its support for the political process and its efforts in order to reach a consensus with the Council of Representatives to amend the political agreement based on a balanced and full partnership, while calling on all the local and international parties to abide by the Libyan political agreement as a single reference to resolve the current crisis in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 2259.

The Council called on the Electoral Commission to abide by its powers and the powers stipulated in the Libyan legislation in force, and the Libyan political agreement, and not to exceed them in any way.

The Council discussed during the meeting today, the developments of the political process and the developments of the Libyan political agreement, and the negotiations to amend it.

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