The head of the Audit Bureau Khaled Shakshak accused the head of the Finance Committee of the House of Representatives of being involved with money-smuggling companies

On Tuesday the head of the Audit Bureau, Khaled Shakshak, accused the head of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives, Omar Tantoush, of being involved with companies proven to commit crimes of money smuggling abroad and he accused him of working with the Governor of the Central Bank of Libya Al-Sadiq Al-Kabir.

This came during a speech issued by Shakshak in response to a statement written by Tantoush and published in November. The letter stated that the Audit Bureau issued false statements about the Central Bank of Libya and its operations.

In his speech, Shakshak expressed his regret over the fact that an HoR member and the Chairman of a parliamentary committee violated the parliament’s rules of procedure. The rules of procedure do not allow for the issuing of communications or bypassing the powers of the Office of the Presidency of the House of Representatives, in accordance with the terms of reference of the President of the Chamber of Deputies contained in rule 13, paragraph 8, of the House’s internal regulation.

Shakshak also explained that the parliamentary committee is confined to its role in holding meetings and internal consultations and participating with governments and/or sovereign bodies. He added that the role of the committee’s chairman is limited to the management of meetings, the adoption of records, and referring records to the Office of the Presidency of the House of Representatives to be presented in a formal session and deliberated upon based on articles (70,69,52) of the rules of procedure of the Council.

Shakshak considered that the focus of Tantoush’s statement on the Central Bank of Libya and its disregard for the observations and recommendations that covered all sectors and state institutions indicates that the main reason for its issuance is that it is directed for special purposes, which have been clarified by Tantoush’s decision to defend those who should be held accountable for their direct responsibility in creating the banking crises and corruption in the sector.

The Audit Bureau issued its annual report for 2016 last April. The report included several sections, including the banking sector, the health sector, the education sector, the oil sector, sovereign ministries, and infrastructure sectors.

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