France signs agreement to contribute 200 thousand euros to finance the United Nations project in support of the elections in Libya

On Monday, France’s ambassador to Tripoli, Brigitte Kormi, signed an agreement ensuring France’s contribution of 200 thousand Euros to the financing of the UN’s electoral project in Libya with the deputy UN envoy Maria Ribeiro.

According to the UN mission official website, Ribeiro clarified that the agreement signed in Tunis aims to strengthen the capacity of the Electoral Commission in Libya to manage electoral processes in accordance with international practices and principles in order to conduct comprehensive, transparent, and credible elections.

Kormi confirmed that the success of the elections in Libya is a joint responsibility between Libyans and the international community, pointing to the need to raise the capacity of the Supreme National Electoral Commission to ensure “national interest” in the electoral process.

France’s contribution to the electoral program is the second, after the agreement signed recently with the Dutch embassy to support the United Nations electoral project in Libya.

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