Qazeit: The Council of State’s legal treatment of the consensus path is “outdated”.

Member of the Supreme Council of State, Belqacem Qazeit, said on Monday that the legal process of the consensus track is outdated; The fact that the Council of State should be consulted before the parliament vote, not after.

Qazeit added, in a statement to Website 21, that the meeting he had with the UN advisor and in the presence of council member Abdullah Juwan focused on the need to preserve civil peace and advance the process of political consensus.

Qazeit explained that they assured Stephanie that the State Council is at the same distance from everyone, and their goal is to preserve the country’s unity and civil peace, whether the current government remains or the other comes.

Qazeit continued, saying that all they can do today is a process of political patching of the path of consensus between the State Council and the House of Representatives, which ultimately leads to the restoration of the entire political process so that the crisis passes peacefully without strife or division.

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