The Presidential Council announces its support for the consensus between the HoR and the State Council… and Dbaiba becomes more isolated.

The Presidential Council moved, even if late, to the ranks of those who welcomed the agreement of the HoR and the State Council on a road map for the next stage and the change of government at a time when the current government insists on its rejection of this rapprochement, claiming that the right to assign a new PM belongs to the presidential without the HoR!

Presidential Council welcome

During its meeting with the Presidency of the Supreme Council of State, the Presidential Council welcomed the rapprochement that occurred between the House of Representatives and the State Council, stressing its support for the road map emanating from this rapprochement and maintaining the popular momentum for holding elections on correct constitutional Base to end the transitional stage.

This welcome from the presidency came during the meeting, which included the president of the Council, Mohamed Al-Manifi, the deputy of the Council Abdullah Al-Lafi, the President of the Supreme Council of State Khaled Al-Mishri, his deputy Omar Abu Shah, and the Rapporteur of the Council, Saeed Kalla, to discuss developments in the political process, and follow up on the latest developments.

Williams is aware of the consensus

In the same context, Adviser to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Stephanie Williams, met with Al-Manifi and Al Lafi, to review the latest developments in the scene, adding that she was aware of the spirit of consensus shown by the House of Representatives and the Council of State in the recent political developments, stressing the importance of maintaining calm.

Presidential responsive to Bashagha

On the other hand, Prime Minister-designate Fathi Bashagha revealed his communication with the President of the Presidential Council, Mohamed al-Manifi and his two deputies, noting that they all showed their cooperation to make the stage a success in a high patriotic spirit and great response, and expressed their joy at the convergence of the legislative authority and the launch of a new era in which there is no sedition or division.

Dabaiba refuses

As for the national unity government, it announced its refusal to change the government, and its head, Abdul Hamid Dbaiba, said in a television interview on February 11, changing the government is an original right of the Presidential Council in its capacity as the head of state and not the House of Representatives, which is what was stipulated in the amended constitutional declaration.

Hamouda repeats Dabaiba’s words

Government spokesman Mohamed Hammouda reiterated Dbaiba’s words in a press statement, considering the nomination and assignment of a new prime minister is the right of the presidential council exclusively within 9 competencies specified in the constitutional declaration, and that the current Presidential Council represents the presidency of the state.

While the House of Representatives, during the February 10 session, approved the road map and assigned Fathi Bashagha to form a new government within a period not exceeding 15 days, given that the national unity government expired last December.

Head of the Supreme Council of State, Khaled Al-Mishri, expressed his astonishment at Dbaiba’s statements in which he spoke about the presidential council right to change the government, adding that this is legally incorrect, stressing that the legal text that established the government gave it legitimacy until December 24 and that giving confidence to the new government is not part of the powers of the State Council, but rather in the powers of Parliament.

The rapprochement between the House of Representatives and the state produced a roadmap that stipulates holding elections on a constitutional basis within a deadline not exceeding 14 months from the date of amending the constitutional declaration following the failure of the elections on the 24th of last December.

The Presidential Council welcomes the rapprochement between the HoR and the Supreme Council of the State.

Representatives of the 5 + 5 JMC from the western region call on all parties to exercise restraint and expedite holding of the elections.