The Presidential Council welcomes the rapprochement between the HoR and the Supreme Council of the State.

The Presidential Council welcomed, on Monday, the rapprochement that took place between the HoR and the Supreme Council of the State, stressing support for the roadmap and maintaining the popular momentum; To hold elections on correct constitutional bases to cross the transitional phase.

The presidency of the Presidential Council discussed, during its meeting, with the Supreme Council of State, at the council’s headquarters in the capital, Tripoli, the developments of the political process and follow-up of the latest developments.

On Thursday, the House of Representatives voted unanimously to nominate Fathi Bashagha as head of the new government, and voted with 126 votes on the twelfth constitutional amendment after it was approved by the Roadmap Committee assigned by the House of Representatives and the competent State Council committee.

The arrest of one of the most prominent suspect in the crimes of mass graves in Tarhuna.

The Presidential Council announces its support for the consensus between the HoR and the State Council… and Dbaiba becomes more isolated.