Shinbaru: The Tripoli consultative session will not affect the official session in Tobruk.

Member of Parliament, Amara Shinbaru, said on Sunday that the parliament session that was held in Tripoli was only a consultative session that discussed the elections and the government files.

Shinbaru added in press statements that the session chaired by First Deputy Fawzi Al-Nuwairi will not have an impact on the official parliament session to be held in Tobruk on Monday, which will be chaired by Aqila Saleh.

It is worth noting that the parliament session scheduled for tomorrow in Tobruk will witness the presentation of the names of the candidates for prime minister, and the discussion of their files.

Al-Jehani: Parliament session in Tripoli is consultative, and we have no objection to the personalities who applied to head the new government.

Aoun: Decision to activate the increase in the salaries of workers in the oil sector was issued in 2017, and the government has not implemented it.