Housing Projects Construction Authority: Contracting to complete the Third Circular Road was carried out in accordance with Libyan laws.

The head of the Housing and Utilities Projects Construction Authority, Mahmoud Ajaj, confirmed that the contract to complete the third circular road project in Tripoli took place in accordance with Libyan laws, and with the review of the Audit Bureau for a period of 4 months.

Ajaj said in statements to our government platform on Tuesday that the road includes the construction of 35 bridges, one of which is 1,000 meters long, and some multi-storey intersections and sewage systems with a life span of 80 years.

Ajaj added that a committee from the Egyptian Companies Bureau to participate in price negotiations reviewed all the details before authorizing the contract.

Ajaj stated that it is unprofessional to compare the project in a primitive way without knowing the specificity of the engineering and construction project.

It is worth noting that the national unity government launched, on Sunday, a project to complete the third circular road in Tripoli, with a value of more than 3.7 billion, with a length of 23.8 km, to be constructed by a coalition of Egyptian companies.

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