“Aqila Saleh” confirms continuation of consultation with the State Council to form the new government and amend constitutional declaration.

Parliament Speaker Aguila Saleh affirmed, on Wednesday, the continuation of consultations with the Supreme Council of State in many tracks, the most important of which is the process of amending the constitutional declaration and forming the new government.

Aqila discussed with the European Union Ambassador to Libya, Jose Sabadell, the developments of the presidential and parliamentary elections, and the difficulties facing the electoral process, according to the official page of the HoR.

Aqila said that the Parliament wants a prime minister for all Libyans, and rejects foreign dictates and foreign interference.

For his part, Sabadell affirmed the European Union’s support for the will of the Libyans and its respect for all procedures issued by the House of Representatives.

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Finance Minister: We have referred the draft unified salary scheme to the HoR, and we expect it to reach 55 billion dinars.