The Central Bank announces the launch of its unification process in four stages.

On Thursday, the Central Bank of Libya announced the actual start of the process of reunification.

The bank said – in a statement on its official page – that they signed a contract with a leading professional services company to provide advice and support for the implementation of the agreed reunification map.

The Central Bank of Libya stated that the roadmap for unification will be in four phases; It will result in an advanced operating model for the unified bank that emulates international best models.

Governor Al-Siddiq Al-Kibeer and his deputy, Ali Al-Hibri, stressed the need to maintain the spirit of cooperation and hard work to achieve this important national achievement.

AFRICOM: Our role is supportive of the diplomatic efforts led by Norland to ensure the holding of elections in Libya.

The Electoral Commission forms two committees to follow up on judicial rulings and review endorsement lists.