Smio: Corona hospitalization cases for the elderly increased compared to October and November.

In a statement to Arraed Thursday, the Director of the Vaccination Department of the Center for Disease Control, Abdul Basit Smio, revealed that there is a relative increase in the cases of hospitalization of the elderly in isolation centers compared to the months of October and November.

Smio added that the death rates have not changed for about 3 months, recording from 3 to 15 deaths per day, while daily infections range between 400 and 800 infections.

In a related context, Smio said that the number of those vaccinated with the third booster dose amounted to 2,225 , initially targeting people over 50 years old, those with chronic diseases, and health workers, provided that the date of the second dose exceeds 3 months.

Smio explained that there are currently in the vaccination centers the Chinese “Sinopharm” and the American “Pfizer” vaccines, and we have sufficient quantities of them, pointing out that the “Omicron” mutant affects children more than other strains and they have not recorded any cases of hospitalization for them.

Smio indicated that the head of the National Center for Disease Control, Haider al-Sayeh, addressed the Prime Minister’s office about the supply of the seasonal “flu” vaccine, and so far they are waiting for a response.

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