Hammouda: Government expenditures exceeded 83 billion dinars, and 33 billion were allocated to salaries.

The spokesman for the NUG, Mohamed Hammouda, said that the total government expenditures amounted to more than 83 billion dinars, denying the existence of any financial deficit after providing 2 billion and 96 million dinars.

Hammouda added in a press conference held on Thursday, that the Ministry of Finance; allocated 33 billion and 100 million dinars for the salaries of workers in the public sector, explaining that the financial value allocated to printing the textbook is still in the account of the Ministry of Education; It is not in the account of the minister.

Hammouda indicated that Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbaiba instructed the ministers to clarify aspects of financial spending with official reports in response to the fierce attack targeting the government, as he put it.

Hammouda was surprised that some ministers were detained by the Public Prosecutor before taking other preliminary measures, adding that the government assigned the Minister of Justice to follow up on the issue of the detention of the Minister of Education and the Minister of Culture and the steps taken in their regard.

It is worth noting that the Public Prosecutor’s Office decided to imprison Minister of Education Musa Al-Magriaf after accusing him of negligence and nepotism in the crisis of delaying the printing of the textbook, and Minister of Culture and Knowledge Development Mabrouka Toghy Othman in pretrial detention, on the background of financial and administrative corruption.

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