WHO: “Omicron” is spreading at an unprecedented rate, and vaccines are becoming less effective.

The Director-General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Ghebreyesus, said on Tuesday, that there are “Reports about the registration of “Omicron” came from 77 countries, but the reality is that the new mutant; Probably present in most countries even if it has not yet been detected.

And “Ghebreyesus” added during a press conference, that the “Omicron” strain of the Corona virus is spreading at an unprecedented rate, stressing that vaccines are becoming less effective against Corona.

Ghebreyesus warned that the rapid spread of the mutant may place a heavy burden on health systems, especially in countries that are not ready for this. Because of the “huge number of patients”.

“Ghebreyesus” explained that the available evidence indicates a slight decrease in the effectiveness of vaccines against corona, which were aimed at preventing deaths and preventing acute and moderate cases of infection with the disease.

It is worth noting that the first case of the “Omicron” strain was recorded in Botswana on the 11th of last November, for a South African citizen.

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