Haftar targets Saif’s supporters in the south… and a tribal alliance is forming against him.

While Haftar’s militias continue to clamp down on Saif Gaddafi and his supporters after announcing his candidacy for the presidential elections, a tribal alliance of Saif Gaddafi’s supporters began to form in Sabha and the south with the aim of removing Haftar from there, which caused armed confrontations that killed one of them and caused a number of injuries. Will the situation slip to more confrontations in the future?

The robbery of 11 vehicles in the Directorate of Sebha

Director of Sebha Security Directorate Muhammad Bishr confirmed in a letter to Interior Minister Khaled Mazen, that members of the police authority affiliated with the directorate and assigned with receiving 11 new police cars were robbed by a militia affiliated with Haftar, headed by “Al-Mabrouk Sahban”, and they were transported with the vehicles to the Brak Al-Shati base, holding them legally responsible for the safety of police members and vehicles.

armed clashes

A security source from the Sebha Security Directorate confirms the deaths and injuries among the Anti-Terrorism Force and Organized Crime, and a militia affiliated with Haftar led by Al-Mabrouk Sahban.

The source said, in a statement to Arraed, that the clashes erupted at 2 a.m. and continued until the early hours of dawn, after Haftar’s militia seized 11 police vehicles on their way to the directorate, while the Sabha Medical Center announced the arrival of one dead and two wounded, at dawn today as a result of the clashes.

These clashes came after a dispute between Haftar’s militias and the “Jeddi” militia over his protection of Saif Gaddafi while entering Sabha; To submit his candidacy, which represents a coup by Jeddi against Haftar, after he had allied himself with him in his recent aggression against Tripoli.

Siege of the Court

The conflict between Haftar and Saif Gaddafi had developed after intimidating judges and shooting at demonstrators in front of the Sebha Court to prevent consideration of the appeal submitted by Saif Gaddafi against the decision to exclude him from the elections.

The Director of Sebha Security, Mohamed Bishr, confirmed on the 29th of last November that the Sebha Court was subjected to a suffocating siege with armed vehicles and heavy armored vehicles belonging to the 115th Brigade and the Tariq bin Ziyad Brigade of Haftar’s militia; As a result, citizens, judges and employees were prevented from entering and carrying out their work.

Attempt to arrest the security director of Sebha

Bishr had made it clear on the 17th of last November that the Al-Karama Operations Room in the south had issued an arrest warrant against him after Saif Gaddafi submitted his candidacy papers to the HNEC office in Sabha.

Tribal alliance against Haftar

This accelerated movement in the south resulted in a tribal alliance that began to expand against Haftar, led by the Qaddadfa, Awlad Suleiman and al-Hasawna tribes, especially after restricting the Qaddadfa tribe in Sirte and preventing visits to them. Haftar’s militias prevented delegations and notables of the tribe in the city of Sirte from receiving any delegations from other tribes, and Haftar’s militias also prevented the Qaddadfa tribe from receiving popular delegations for the purpose of congratulating them for the release of a number of former regime members who were recently released in Tripoli last October

Arrest and assassination

Among the goals of this tribal bloc supporting Saif is to expel Haftar’s militants from Sebha, after Haftar’s defeat in Tripoli precipitated the collapse of his circumstantial alliance with supporters of the former regime, which began to crack effectively after Haftar’s militia arrested dozens of the Qaddadfa tribe, some of its members went out in Sirte to condemn the killing One of their sons, by Janjaweed mercenaries collaborating with Haftar in August 2020

Also, Haftar’s militias are accused of killing Mohamed al-Kani, who is involved in the Tarhuna mass graves, and is wanted by the International Criminal Court after he was assassinated while resisting a security force that came to arrest him in Benghazi last July.

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