World Health Organization: The spread of the Corona mutant “Omicron” will have serious consequences.

On Monday, the World Health Organization warned of an increase in the number of infections with the new Corona virus “Omicron” around the world, noting that its spread “will have serious consequences.”

The organization also urged the 194 member states to expedite the vaccination of priority groups with anti-viral vaccines, expecting that the vaccinated people are not safe from infection, albeit in a limited proportion.

The organization said that the characteristics of the mutant “Omicron” have an unprecedented number of increased mutations, some of which raise concern regarding the possible impact on the course of the pandemic, indicating that more research is needed; To gain a better understanding of the potential for “Omicron” to overcome vaccines and acquired immunity after infection, indicating that the overall global risk assessment related to “Omicron” is very high.

It is reported that the World Health Organization announced on Friday that the new Corona mutant “Omicron” is of great concern.

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