Al-Amami: The JMC will not be affected by any possible tension that may result in conjunction with the holding of the presidential elections.

A member of the JMC 5+5, Lieutenant General Maraja al-Amami, ruled out that the committee’s work will be affected by any possible tension; It may result in conjunction with the holding of the presidential and parliamentary elections expected next month.

In a statement to Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper, Al-Amami said that the support of the Libyan people and the international community for the committee, in addition to the strong cohesion of its members; will prevent it from falling hostage to any interactions, stressing that the members of the committee are neutral and are concerned first with the unity and security of the country, and they have great awareness of the danger of the current critical stage, and they understand that any Libyan has his own decision to support a candidate, as he put it.

The member of the committee stressed that they will not be dragged behind any attempt to ignite strife in the country, saying that the Libyans will not engage in any armed conflict except by defending their homeland, noting that the countries concerned with the Libyan file have become more aware that our country’s slide again into war and chaos, will simply mean the invasion of more of immigrants to its shores.

Al-Amami stressed that most of the obstacles that the observers shed light on regarding the withdrawal of mercenaries and ensuring that they do not return to Libyan lands again were the focus of the discussions held by the committee in Cairo with representatives of Sudan, Chad and Niger, and then in Tunisia last weekend with the African Union.

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