Italian Interior Minister reveals new investments in Libya

Italian Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini revealed “more Italian investments in Libya,” indicating that it is an economic partnership to invest in the construction of roads, infrastructure and hospitals.

According to Italian news agency AKI, Salvini said, the head of the Presidential Council (PC), Faiz Al-Sarraj asked for Italy’s involvement, stressing the readiness of the Italian government for doing so, pointing out that he will head to Libya soon.

The head of the presidential council, Faiz al-Sarraj, asked for Italy’s intervention, Salfini said, adding that he would go to Libya to talk to him.

Salvini added, “It is useful to intervene in cooperation with NATO to combat terrorism,” noting that he will discuss with Al-Sarraj migration, economy, business, culture and politics.

The PC agreed with the Italian government in December last year to set up a joint room to fight smugglers and traffickers and help municipalities affected by smuggling and illegal immigration. Italy is contributing € 35 million in support of the chamber.

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