MSF: Migrants killed and injured during escape attempt from traffickers

Médecins sans Frontières (MSF) reported that more than 100 illegal immigrants had been shot while trying to escape smugglers, who were holding the in the West of Bani Walid, killing several of them and injuring 25 others who had been taken to the city’s general hospital.

According to MSF, survivors said at least 15 people were killed and about 40 others, most of whom women, were left behind. Some survivors said they had been detained for up to three years, the organization said.

Survivors, mostly teenagers from Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia, were trying to seek asylum in Europe, saying traffickers sold them several times between the Bani Walid and Nesma areas.

The organization added that it supported the Bani Walid General Hospital team, providing medical care to 25 wounded, 18 of whom suffered minor injuries, received first aid and clothing, and 7 were transferred to hospital for further care due to injuries caused by gunshot wounds and multiple fractures.

The survivors were transferred to shelters in Tripoli, where MSF teams provided them with medical consultations.

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