Zawiya Refinery resumes work

Hassan Al-Qulfat, an official at a Zawiya Refinery, confirmed on Saturday the resumption of distribution of fuel from the refinery to Tripoli, after being halted in the past two days.

In a statement to ArraedLG, Al-Qulfat denied reports that one of the pipelines of the refinery located near Al-Harasha area caught fire, pointing out that what happened caught fire in a scrap building located between the Electricity corporation and the sea.

Al-Qulfat explained that the fuel trailers were supplied with the usual quantities of fuel and was on its way to the distribution stations in the capital Tripoli, confirming the return of the employees who stopped working after a warehouse was broken into.

The refinery warehouse stopped supplying fuel stations with its allocations for the past two days, which led to citizens queuing in front of petrol stations in Tripoli.

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