Sirte Security and Protection Force escorts Al-Ahli Benghazi supporters

The Sirte Security and Protection Force spokesperson, Ramadan Mesbah said on Saturday, the Force assigned a contingent of forces to ensure the safe return of Al-Ahli Benghazi supporters heading toward their city from Al-Sadada gate to the gate 20 east of Sirte.

In a statement to ArraedLG, Mesbah added they accompanied the club’s supporters to the ​​Harawa area, pointing out that they are returning from the game Ahli Benghazi played in the city of Khoms, and that the decision to secure them came in anticipation of any harassment or risk to their safety on the way back to Benghazi.

Ahli Benghazi qualified for the quarter-finals of the Libya Cup after beating Al-Yarmouk with a late goal.

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