One killed and 2 wounded from the 6th Brigade in Sabha

The 6th Infantry Brigade in Sabha spokesperson, Saad Buwaina confirmed on Wednesday, the brigade lost one soldier and two others were wounded the recent clashes, adding that the conditions in the city are “calm” so far.

Buwaina told ArraedLG, shells that fall in the center of the city and hit some parts of the medical center, which called for emergency measures and the removal of patients, especially in the upper floor of the center, come from the other party in the conflict, expecting clashes at any time.

He pointed out that they are directing their attacks to what he described as “foreign militias” stationed in the southern direction of the city, in the airport, farms and the Indian company which are the ” concentration locations of these militias” outside the administrative borders of Sabha.

The city of Sabha is witnessing difficult humanitarian conditions and lack of medicines and fuel for a long time.

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