Zerzah: Any meeting with Tawergha representatives will happen in Libya

The chairman of the dialogue committee between Tawergha and Misurata, Youssef Zerzah denied on Monday their intention to meet in Tunis with Tawergha representatives, stressing that the committee is still working.

Zerzah told ArraedLG, Misurata Municipal Council is not aware of any meeting with the representatives of Tawergha under the auspices of the United Nations, adding that any meeting between the parties will be held in Libya.

Zerzah said that the meeting of the people of Misurata and Tawergha will result in an agreement between the two cities, followed by an agreement between the Misurata Municipal Council and the Tawergha Local Council.

Tawergha local council member, AbdulNabi Bouarabah confirmed on Sunday that the people of Tawergha formed a committee to meet with the Misurata Committee to discuss the possibility of their return to their city.

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