Libyan Coast Guard rescues 100 migrants

Libyan Navy spokesperson, Brigadier General Ayoub Qassem said on Thursday, a patrol from the Zuwara Coast Guard rescued 100 illegal immigrants, of which were 8 women and a child, who were on board a rubber boat.

Qassem told ArraedLG, of the migrants were 24 Moroccan, 11 from Algeria, 6 from Somalia and 1 from Libya and from Eritrea, noting that the rescue operation was 10 miles north of Abu Kammash area west of Zuwara, adding that the migrants were transferred to the Zuwara port point.

Navy spokesperson pointed out that the search and rescue operation lasted 6 hours; because of the towing of the rubber boat due to engine problems.

The coast guard rescued during three operations at the beginning of February, 362 illegal immigrants.

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