Al-Waslati: A patrol clashed with Libyan gunmen inside the Tunisian border

The Tunisian Defense Ministry spokesperson said on Monday, Tunisian patrol clashed with armed men entering the buffer zone of Tataouine, south of Tunisia on the border with Libya.

Al-Waslati told ArraedLG on Monaday, another Libyan car helped the gunmen escape after the patrol damaged their vehicle, denying his knowledge of the perpetrator’s fate and the way they entered Tunisian territory, indicating that they do not know how many were they.

He explained that members of the Tunisian patrol were not harmed during the cross fire, adding that the seized car was “loaded with weapons.”

The Tunisian Ministry of Defense spokesperson denied awareness of the measures taken by the Tunisian authorities with its Libyan counterpart regarding the incident.

The Tunisian government has established a wall along the eastern border with Libya in its efforts to secure and protect its territory from infiltration and smuggling.

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