Al-Marimi: Referendum law is ready; waiting for a vote session

The political adviser to the head of the House of Representatives (HOR), Fathi Al-Marimi said on Monday, the Legislative Committee has completed the amendment of the referendum law on the constitution draft, and is waiting for the HOR to hold a session; to put it to a vote.

Al-Marimi told ArraedLG, HOR members discussed in the last sessions some adjustments in the draft before being referred to the Legislative Committee for amendment, indicating that the committee modified according to what is required of them, adding that the law will be presented to the MPs in the next session.

The political adviser said the HOR did not hold any session after the ruling of the Supreme Court, noting that the expected session does not require a quorum; because it is a suspended session.

Al-Marimi also said the House of Representatives is obliged before the people to issue a law for the referendum regardless of the constitution draft.

The House of Representatives discussed during its previous sessions in January, the possibility of issuing a referendum law in the presence of a number of its members without a quorum.

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