Luxembourg Foreign Minister praises GNA efforts to combat migration

Luxembourg Foreign Minister, Jean Asselborn praised the Government of National Accord (GNA) efforts in managing the immigration file despite the difficult circumstances and the lack of resources.

The media advisor to the illegal immigration control agency, Milad Al-Sadi told ArraedLG on Monday, Asselborn met with the head of the illegal immigration control agency, Brigadier General Mohamed Beshir, and discussed the difficulties Libya faces as a transit country for migrants and the assistance needed to address its ramifications.

Al-Sadi added that Asselborn and the accompanying delegation visited the shelters, and learned about the conditions of the migrants, how to deal with them, and visited clinics, restaurants and entertainment areas inside the shelters.

Luxembourg’s Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn arrived in Libya on Monday for talks and meetings with Libyan officials.

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