Return of Tawergha residents to their city, postponed

The deputy commander of the Security and Protection Force of Sirte, Colonel Ali Rafidah denied on Thursday any obstruction to people of Tawergha returning to their city from Sirte.

Rafidah told ArraedLG, the security force and protection of Sirte did not prevent anyone from crossing through the city.

The head of the Ministry of the Displaced Affairs media office, Ahmed Bashir told ArraedLG, according to the agreement, Thursday was the scheduled date for Tawergha residents to return to their city, but pressure from some armed groups led to postpone date.

The head of the media committee of the Tawergha Commission, Emad Arqia said the Security and Protection Force of Sirte prevented the people of Tawergha from passing through Sirte at Gate 14.

He told ArraedLG, the residents are at the Qarara Al-Qataf region, which is about 14 kilometers away from Tawergha.

In December, the Presidential Council (PC) promised the return of the residents of Tawergha to their city in early February.

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