Waste removed and main roads opened in Tawergha

The General Services Company in Misurata began to remove waste and earth mounds from the main roads in Tawergha city.

The committee, set up to follow up the implementation of the agreement between  Misurata and Tawergha, said in a statement on Thursday the opening of the main roads in Tawergha city began on Wednesday under the direct supervision of the minister of local government, Badad Qansu and the committee members from both cities.

The committee thanked the two city councils, as well as the commander of the central military zone, for providing a safe environment for the technical teams to provide their services, the statement said.

In a related matter, the head of Tawergha local council, AbdulRahman Shakshak, met with the labor and Rehabilitation minister of the Government of National Accord (GNA); to discuss the activation of the labor and rehabilitation office in the city.

The two parties agreed to maintain and equip the headquarters of the office and coordinate to carry out several training courses aimed at women and people with disabilities, according to the council’s official Facebook page.

The Presidential Council (PC) announced at the end of last December the beginning of February the starting date of the return of displaced Tawerghans to their city.

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