Minister for the Displaced Affairs: We gave permission to service companies to rehabilitate Tawergha

The state minister for the displaced affairs, Yousuf Abu Bakr Jalala said on Tuesday, that he authorized service companies to equip Tawergha city ahead of schedule for the return of the city’s people, in February.

Jalala told ArraedLG  that the ministry is seeking to implement basic reforms to the water and electricity networks, and the repairmen of schools, by the end of January.

The minister said, the damages inflicted on the city are  great, and “we will try to restore families gradually “, explaining that families whose homes have not been damaged will return first, and once the maintenance is completed, all the families will return to their homes.

Jalala added that no budgets were set for the city’s preparations and its facilities maintenance, noting that the companies charged with the job will do so from the budget allocated to them.

The minister pointed out that the number of Tawergha displaced persons registered with in the ministry amounts to some 12,000 families, meaning about 48,000 people throughout Libya.

The head of the Presidential Council (PC), Faiz Al-Saraj had announced at the end of December, 1 February, as the date for Tawergha’s internally displaced families to return to their city.

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