UN Security Council: The political agreement is the only framework for resolving the Libyan crisis

The UN Security Council stressed that the Libyan political agreement is only viable framework to end the political crisis in Libya.

During its meeting on Thursday, the council called on all Libyans to act consensually, to “urgently and constructively” participate in the political process, and to welcome the launch of the Electoral High Electoral Commission.

The council ruled out the possibility to resolve the crisis in Libya using a military solution, expressing their rejection of any attempt to undermine the political process and stressing that Libyans get to decide their own future without foreign interference.

The UN Security Council urged the Government of National Accord to work towards the peaceful conclusion of the transitional phase, calling on the House of Representatives to draft and approve a new electoral law and to move towards the finalization of a new Libyan constitution.

The council also stressed the importance of consolidating and strengthening the armed forces in Libya and placing them under civilian control; adding that they welcome the meetings held in Cairo.

They explained the importance of the Government of National Accord solely exercising effective control over economic institutions in accordance with Libyan law, without prejudice towards future constitutional arrangements pursuant to the Libyan political agreement.

The Libyan political agreement was adopted on December 17th 2015 in Skhirat, Morocco.

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