HOR members invited to hold a quorum session in Zintan

A member of the House of Representatives for the city of Zintan, Omar Ghaith Qermail, told Arraed LG that HOR members for Zintan invited the president of the HOR to hold a quorum session.

Ghaith added that the call was caused by the HOR’s inability to hold a full session with quorum in the Eastern region, citing the refusal of some members from the western region to go to Tobruk for various reasons.

Ghaith said that the HOR may include the initiative of UN envoy Ghassan Salame, which was voted on and previously approved, within the political agreement; in order to begin work on building the executive authority of the Presidential Council and the government so that they can unify the institutions of the state. He also pointed out that calls to change the governor of the Central Bank of Libya or others without the inclusion of the political agreement is useless.

Ghaith pointed out that the Speaker for the HOR Aguila Salih agreed to hold a meeting in Zintan or another city in the event that it can not be held in Tobruk; provided that the appropriate climate exists for a session that allows decisions to be taken that save the political situation in Libya.

It is noteworthy that HOR member Musab Al-Abed had said on Wednesday that the initiative submitted by members of the HOR for the city of Zintan provides for a meeting of the parliament in the city of Zintan or Ghadames. This meeting is to include the amendment of the political agreement and the unification of the Central Bank through the election of the governor and deputy governor in consultation with the Supreme Council of the State as provided for in the political agreement.

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