Italy: The stability of Libya is a priority

Italian Defense Minister Roberta Benotti stated that the stability of Libya is of absolute importance to Italy.

During the ministerial meeting of the 5 + 5 defense initiative in Paris on Tuesday, Benotti explained that political stability is the key element to security in Libya, which is important for the Mediterranean region.

Benotti said that Italy has engaged in some humanitarian activities in Libya, in addition to caring for those wounded in clashes,in cooperation with the European mission, and training the Libyan Coast Guard.

The 5 + 5 initiative includes five southern Mediterranean countries (Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco and Tunisia) and another five in the north (France, Italy, Malta, Portugal and Spain).

The European and regional countries made Libya’s stability a priority. Most recently during the meeting of the States of Egypt, Algeria and Tunisia it was concluded that the stability and security of Libya is important for the region.

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