House of Representatives: The next session will be to choose a new Governor for the Central Bank of Libya

The House of Representatives announced during Tuesday’s session that next week’s session will be for the election of a new governor for the Central Bank of Libya in Tripoli.

HoR spokesperson, Abdullah Balikh, confirmed that the house of representatives authorized its chairman Aguila Saleh to form a committee to amend the internal regulations of the HoR.

He explained that today’s meeting discussed the amendment of the constitutional declaration and ensuring that the political agreement is included within it, in accordance with the proposal of the UN mission approved by the House of Representatives. The meeting also discussed the articles related to amendment of the constitutional declaration.

The HoR had identified, at the beginning of this year, three candidates for the post of governor of the Central Bank but a candidate is yet to be chosen due to a dispute which led to the adjournment of the meeting.

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