The National Commission for Human Rights: Human rights violations in Libya reached a “very serious” level

Libya’s National Commission for Human Rights said that human rights violations have reached a “very serious” index with no legal accountability.

In a statement released on Sunday on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Commission stated that the United Nations Support Mission in Libya documented 201 illegal killings and executions of persons held by armed groups.

They added that these groups continue to detain thousands of people illegally, subjecting them to systematic torture, which then leads to the death of some of them during the period of detention.

The Committee added that the crimes of discrimination, murder, abduction, torture, displacement and forced mass displacement of civilians inside and outside Libya have become a serious threat to human values, and threaten the Libyan social fabric.

The Committee also noted that 24 cases of abuse and arbitrary arrest against journalists, activists and human rights defenders were documented; noting that the Libyan people continue to suffer serious violations of their fundamental rights by various armed groups.

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