Presidential Council of the #GNA: Military ruler Abdul Razek Al-Nadori and interim Prime Minister Abdullah Al-Thani’s decisions are absurd and a violation of national unity

The Presidential Council expressed its “deep” regret over the irresponsible actions that undermine the work of the Government of National Accord to alleviate the suffering of citizens.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, the council described the decisions made by military ruler Abdul Razek Al-Nadori and interim Prime Minister Abdullah Al-Thani as “absurd” and “a violation of national unity”; stressing that their decisions negatively affect people’s livelihood and deepen divisions in the country.

The council blamed the deteriorating situation of citizens in the east of the country on those responsible for issuing such decisions; stressing that they will continue to provide assistance to citizens.

Abdul Razek Al-Nadori and Abdullah al-Thani issued decisions to stop all mayors and members of municipalities who choose to communicate with the Government of National Accord.

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