Fayez Al-Sarraj: The Libyan citizen is suffering due to political division and punishing those who communicate with the GNA is irresponsible

During a meeting with members of the National Association of Municipal Council in Tripoli, Fayez al-Sarraj, the President of the Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord, said that the solution to the current crisis lies in consensus and national reconciliation.

Al-Sarraj stressed that the Libyan citizen has suffered greatly due to political division that has overshadowed the institutions of the state and that that the situation has gotten so bad that irresponsible decisions have been made to punish those who communicate with the GNA.

According to the GNA’s Facebook page, Al-Sarraj stated that activating municipalities and giving them greater powers leads to the path to decentralization, which the government is seeking to achieve.

He added that the government’s services are at the heart of its work and that receiving these services is a right. He also stated that the difficult financial and economic situation requires that the government focus on providing basic priorities and necessary services.

In turn, the National Association offered a number of points believed to enable it to perform its role including: activating the Central Committee for Municipal Elections, rejecting the militarization of municipalities, improving channels of communication with ministries, and securing the collection of local revenues.

The association also expressed its support for the measures taken by the GNA to maintain security, activate state institutions in the municipalities, and provide assistance to solve obstacles in municipal facilities.

The association consists of 35 municipalities distributed across all regions of Libya. During the meeting, the association was represented by the mayors of the central municipalities of Tripoli, Al-Akhyar, Castelverde , Al-Khums, Zliten, Tawergha, Msallata, Jardas, Tobruk, Ubari, Al-Shgega, Kikla, Asbia, Al-Zahra, and Mizda.

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