Chairman of the Supreme Council of State for the Joint Dialogue Committee, Musa Faraj: We agreed to give priority to the executive branch

The Chairman of the Committee to amend the political agreement in the Supreme Council of State Musa Faraj, said that the Council discussed the proposal of the UN envoy in today’s meeting, and agreed to accept the idea of ​​separate tracks, and give priority to the completion of the amendments to the executive power represented by the Presidential Council and the government.

Musa Faraj stated to ArraedLG that the Council objected to the mechanism of selecting presidential members, in the proposal of the envoy. Limiting it to the House of Representatives violates the principle of consensus, participation and the balance on which the political agreement was founded.

Faraj said that the current stage in which Libya is going through cannot afford to be unique to one political party. The political agreement is based on the need for a supreme political institution in which all parties are represented.

Faraj told Arraed LG that the Supreme Council of the State adheres to the political agreement, and the principle of consensus and partnership in practice; to pave the way for the completion of the Constitution and the holding of general elections.

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