The Head of the EU Mission to Libya announces return to help manage the border to work in Tripoli

On Monday, The GNA Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mohamed Siala, met with the head of the EU mission to Libya, Bettina Muscheidt, and her accompanying delegation which included the Head of the Mission for Border Control and Head of the Mission’s Projects Section.

During the meeting at the ministry’s headquarters in Tripoli, Foreign Minister Muscheidt stated; that the European Union Mission to help manage the border will return soon and will operate from the capital of Tripoli pending  coordination with the relevant ministries, including the ministries of the Interior and justice. The mandate of the mission has been extended until December of 2018.

Muscheidt and her delegation expressed their  happiness for being in Tripoli, which she visited many times.  She noted programs to be implemented to help the population, especially  children, and the coordination with the relevant authorities in the field of combating Illegal immigration, which are sources of concern for Libya and the EU.

Recent improvement of security conditions in Tripoli encouraged several embassies to return and work from the capital of Tripoli paving the way for a full comeback of most of the embassies.

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