Local Council of #Derna calls on the #GNA to urgently secure entry of relief ship

On Wednesday, the Local Council of Derna called upon the Government of National Accord to urgently secure the entry of a relief ship carrying food and medical aid for the city. The head of the Council, Ramzi Shaeri, stated that the President of the Presidential Council, Fayez Al-Sarraj, must take responsibility for securing the ship and ensuring that the ship is not subject to any military attacks.

Efforts for assistance for Derna, which are to be delivered through the relief ship, were organized by a campaign coordinated by a number of cities, including Misrata and Tripoli, in attempts to show support for the people of Derna- as reported by Shaeri to Xinhua news.

Shaeri stressed concerns for the safety of the relief ship. The seaport, alike the city road’s, is besieged; it has also been the subject of airstrikes previously. As such, Shaeri emphasized the need for governmental support in securing the route to the port.

This relief efforts comes following the shelling and continued besieging of Derna. Recent airstrikes in the city has left many civilians dead and injured- most of which are women and children. Medical conditions in the city are further deteriorating due to the siege. Most recently, 5 children from Derna had to be transported to Tunisia to receive medical treatment, thus highlighting the dire need for relief efforts in the city.

The council’s call for relief efforts aligns with the UNSMIL’s call for “immediate and unimpeded humanitarian access and lifting restrictions on movement, especially for those needing medical treatment” in Derna.

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