The Presidential Council, Justice and Construction Party, and United Nations Support Mission strongly condemn the bombing of #Derna

The Presidential Council, the Justice and Construction Party, and the United Nations Support Mission in Libya issued statements condemning the aerial bombing of #Derna on Monday- which has left many innocent civilians, including women and children, dead.

The head of the JCP, Mohamed Sowan, labeled the bombing as “crimes against humanity”. This very sentiment was echoed by the Presidential Council which stated that what happened in Derna is a “war crime by all standards”.

The Council also called upon the Security Council to intervene and investigate the incident; adding that they are working towards identifying the sources behind the raids and the forces behind it and that the necessary actions will be undertaken following that. In addition, Sowan called upon the international community and the United Nations Support Mission to put an end to the “crimes and violations” which go against domestic and international laws. Sowan added that Khalifa Haftar must not be party to any settlement.

In light of ongoing discussions, the President of the Presidential Council, Fayez Al-Sarraj, met with the Ministers of Justice and Interior and the head of the investigations office of the Attorney General’s office to discuss the repercussions of the shelling of #Derna.

The shelling of Derna comes following long efforts aimed at lifting the siege imposed upon the city. The Presidential Council stressed that “the siege has left many suffering” and that they will not tolerate the killing and intimidation of Libyan citizens. The Council also called for an the immediate lifting of the siege in order to allow humanitarian aid to be delivered and to allow for the injured to be treated.

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