US Airstrikes Lead Libyan Forces to Last ISIS Holdout

(Author: Libyan Gazette Editorial Staff)

Libyan brigades backed by US airstrikes are nearing their final day in their battle against ISIS whose fighters are attempting to hold onto the last districts that they control in central Sirte, said US Defense Secretary Ash Carter on Wednesday.

According to Carter, Libyan fighters loyal to the Libyan unity Government (GNA) have advanced on ISIS fighters, cornering them in a small area of Sirte.

In a press conference, Carter said, “I expect that they’ll eliminate …. remaining opposition shortly.”

On Saturday, GNA loyal forces said they are advancing on the last ISIS holdouts in Sirte.

The terrorist group had taken advantage of Libya’s chaotic political situation which has created a power and security vacuum in the country. ISIS came into Libya about a year ago and found the oil rich country to be a prime location for recruitment and establishing a new base outside of the Levant. ISIS made threats that after taking control of Libya it will make its way to Europe.

ISIS’s loss in Sirte is considered to be a major setback for the so-called Islamic State.

The US will continue to provide Libya with assistance after Sirte has been liberated, said Carter.

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