Second Month Begins for US Airstrikes to Libya

(Author: Libyan Gazette Editorial Staff)

The United States’ airstrike campaign in Libya has begun its second month, which was only supposed to last for “weeks not months,” according to the Pentagon.

In the first month, close to 110 airstrikes were fired in Libya by drones, helicopter gunships and bombers targeting ISIS positions in Sirte.

The US launched its airstrike campaign against ISIS in Sirte after the Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA) made a request for military support that can target ISIS fighters in specific locations. Libya’s unity government made it clear that it was not going accept any foreign troops on the ground.

“Though operational security precludes us from speculating on a timeline, the US will continue to support the GNA as they look at options for Libya’s future once Sirte is liberated,” said Robyn Mack, a spokesperson for the US military’s Africa Command.

Forces loyal to the GNA began their offensive against the extremist group in May and have been making significant advances ever since.

GNA loyal fighters are preparing for their final battles against ISIS who are hiding central Sirte in an area known as district Number Three.

The US is not rushing the airstrike campaign and is firing them at a “steady” rate to be able to take the necessary time to pinpoint specific locations with the Libyan fighters to avoid causing collateral damage, said Mack.

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